Absolute V.I.P.International also offers translators and assistance all around the world. Have the translator travel with you and you will not need to worry about searching for a translator upon your arrival in a foreign country and language. Have one by your side the moment you step off the plane and get down to business or leisure from the first moment, with out language and culture problems.

With AbsoluteOne you are not a V.I.P., you are an Absolute V.I.P!


If you are coming to Brazil Absolute V.I.P can organize what ever you may need here in your language.

We will pick you up at the airport in luxury transport, welcome you to Brazil, transfer you in Absolute class to your accommodation, guide you around and perform translation and interpreter duties if necessary.

According to your need, style and demand we offer transportation in cars, vans, busses, bullet proof cars, helicopters and jets. Or maybe you are adventurous and want to see beautiful and wild Brazil form a four-wheel drive or a motorbike.

With Absolute V.I.P. you will have no need to worry about language and culture in Brazil. We will be there by your side from beginning to end to guide you and assist you ensuring a productive, memorable and exciting visit.

We will assist you all around Brazil.