So where will it be? Old London Town? Sunny Miami? Spectacular Sydney? Exciting Vancouver? Beautiful Cape Town? Caliente Barcelona? Buzzing Buenos Aires? Ancient Rome? Romantic Paris?

The world is there for you to discover and dominate. What are you waiting for?

After your classes and intensive courses it might be time to take the last language learning step; Interchange.

There probably is no better way to learn a language then by spending time in the country that speaks that language. You will immerse yourself in your chosen language 24 hours a day and return not only more fluent but also more confident.

We have partnerships with top-class schools and institutions all around the world. You may choose to do a one month course or a full degree course. We have all the information, details and courses that you will need.

Best of all, you will not only come back with domination of your chosen language, you will come back with culture, confidence and an experience that you will never forget.

You will have the advantage of speaking to people from your chosen country or people who have been there.