So if you are a gringo in Brazil or traveling any where in the world, check out the guides we have on-line now and experience something wonderful!

Get to Absolutely know the world.

As we are an international organization made up of staff from all around the world, we have come together to provide you with a little taste of the world.

We will publish guides to bars, restaurants, hotels, beaches, cities from all around the world. Each guide is written by a person who has actually been there to experience it.

We hope you enjoy them and find them useful. They are written from personal view points and are a recommendation of what you can do if you are ready to Absolutely experience local culture, tastes and sounds.

We also welcome guides from people outside of AbsoluteOne, so please, if you have found a little corner of the world that enchanted you and you would like to recommend it to us, send in your review and have it posted on our site. Add photos because as we know “a picture is worth a thousands words”.